Bring Your InfraWorks Model into Stingray

Once you have your InfraWorks model set up and everything appears as it should, you can then export your model to an FBX using the ‘Export 3D Model’ command under Settings and Utilities.

Export 3D Model to FBX

Export 3D Model to FBX Dialog Box

           If you’re new to Stingray, I would strongly recommend starting a new project using 1 of the templates already configured. The project templates include all the basic necessities you’ll need to create the virtual reality experience with your design. Once you determine which template you want to use, your basic scene will be set up. Go ahead and select all the objects in the Explorer tab on the right hand side, minus the ‘reflection_probe (Unit) and ‘Skydome’, right-click and delete.

Stingray Explorer Tab

           Then, in your Asset Browser tab underneath the scene, expand ‘Content’ and select the models folder. Go ahead and drag and drop the FBX file you created from InfraWorks into the models folder. This process imports the model into your Stingray project. Depending on the size, it may take several minutes to process. Once Imported into the models folder, you can then drag and drop the imported FBX file into your scene.

Import FBX Dialog Box

Stingray Asset Browser Tab

           After you get it positioned in your scene where you want, the final step is to generate your EXE file, by going to the Window | Deploy and Connect | Deployer. In the Deployer dialog box, define the location where you want to save the EXE to, give it a name and click the Package Project for Windows button. It’s that simple!

Package Project for Windows Deployment







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